Our History

Pi Alpha Nu Gamma Chapter

In 1953 the State University of New York prohibited national fraternities and sororities from all its campuses. Local fraternities and sororities and those with statewide affiliation continued to exist and to be established. In 1957 the Pi Alpha Nu Fraternity was chartered by the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. The Pi Alpha Nu Fraternity was one of four local fraternities and five local sororities on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus when the prohibition of national fraternities and sororities was lifted by the State University of New York in 1976. 

The Gamma Chapter of the Pi Alpha Nu Fraternity was begun by Brother John Stonner who pledged at SUNY Plattsburgh in 1979 and later transferred to the State University of New York at New Paltz where the Fraternity was chartered by SUNY New Paltz in 1984.

The aims of the Pi Alpha Nu Fraternity are to promote high standards and ideals in character, fellowship ans scholarship. The Fraternity maintains these aims through college and community activities. The self-reliance and initiative of the individual, and of the Fraternity, are enriched by both social functions and academic achievement. We want to become better members of the world we live in. Our major goal is to be, at all times, a credit to the Fraternity ideals, the college, the community and ourselves.

The Pi Alpha Nu Fraternity as an organization has always stressed to promote an extremely high sense of loyalty and unity between all members. We are a local Fraternity which functions as a purposeful social institution. We also, as students, work with each other to promote high literacy and educational standards, stimulating both intellectual advancement and personal development. Throughout the year we also work as volunteers for various charitable organizations.

In seeking members the Pi Alpha Nu Fraternity is not necessarily looking for the star athlete, the brilliant scholar, or the social lion. We want members who will be an asset to the Fraternity and its ideals, and who feel the Fraternity will be an equal asset in accomplishing their individual goals.

The Pi Alpha Nu Fraternity is the leading innovator in pledging. We do not feel the pledging as it has existed promotes our ideals of fineness of character and fellowship. We are committed to the belief that physical torment and public humiliation do not make a better pledge. Our pledging centers around the sharing of ideas and attitudes between members and perspective members while passing down our shared history and traditions. We do not try to force one to conform to our ideas, rather we use one’s own individuality to better the Fraternity and ourselves.

Pi Alpha Nu Gamma Chapter Alumni Association

In 1990, the graduated members of the Gamma Chapter founded the Pi Alpha Nu Alumni Association. By 1993, Separate by-laws were created with the goals of the organization to continue fraternal involvement for members after graduation from New Paltz, and support the continual growth of the active organization. Made up of a 15 member board of directors, the association is led by Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and two Secretaries.

Holding events throughout the year, the Alumni send mailers and correspondence, hold meetings, and plan anniversary weekends every 5 years to mark the founding of the fraternity at SUNY New Paltz.

In 2000 the Gamma84.com web site was launched, giving members a forum to stay connected and informed on activity in the Frat. Events and communication grew throughout the 00’s to roughly an alumni sponsored event each month, and a strong relationship with the college campus. Currently the alumni have two memorials on campus in the names of members.

In 2010 the Association incorporated as a government recognized non-profit. With this distinction, the organization is able to achieve its goals of supporting the college members with scholarships and funds, as well as build the fraternal relationships between members, post college.

Members of the Pi Alpha Nu Alumni Association have also created a professional network for those brothers entering the work force in respected fields. Internships and entry level positions are offered to upper classman and newly graduating TTAN Brothers.

It is this relationship and association that makes Pi Alpha Nu such a unique Fraternal organization. Bonds of friendships not only exist with your pledge class and generational era, but rather transcend decades and unite people that share the common bond of brotherhood. In doing so, traditions of the past will not be lost, and the history of our organization will be kept for the next generation.

As long as the Pi Alpha Nu Alumni Association exists, it will continue to be a place for members to stay informed, stay involved, and stay active in their fraternity. In this way, we can proudly say, Once a Brother, always a Brother!