Take me out to the ball game and give me all the beer I can drink!

The Pi Alpha Nu Alumni Association has secured 20 tickets to the July 22nd Mets game vs the Oakland Athletics.

Don't like baseball but you like beer and food? This event is for you too.

$85 gets you a ticket to the game, a food voucher for one meal, and also all you can drink beer for 3 hours!

Long Live Pi Alpha Nu and Lets Go Mets!

Simply click 'Pay Now' to start a PayPal transaction and enter the amount you'd like to pay next to 'Item Price' on the PayPal page.

Don't worry, you don't need a PayPal account, just any credit/debit card.

Any questions, or if you'd rather send a check, email Nick (Miggs) Migliorino for information.